Paperless Healthcare Document Management

Manage relationship and interactions with suppliers, customers and employees – from any device.

Go Paperless with Sysco Healthcare

Save time, money and a few trees! Sysco Healthcare’s embedded Document Management solution allows for the attachment of files against platform records.

Store Documents

Store documents against individual business units, projects, staff and customers. This saves time by keeping all associated information in one easy to access database. You’ll save money by moving away from traditional paper based systems.

Electronic Signatures

If for example a procurement process requires an authorised signature as an approval step, this can be accommodated for within the Sysco Healthcare Platform.

Integrate with Microsoft Office 365 and Outlook

Office 365 Users can avail of full Sysco Healthcare Integration. View and Track Emails from within the web
based client and add, edit or request submissions from Outlook without having to move applications.

Integrate with Microsoft 365 and Outlook

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