Manage relationship and interactions with suppliers, customers and employees – from any device.

A 360 Degree View of Information

By adopting Sysco Healthcare, you’ll gain easy access to information on all suppliers, business units and contacts from a single, shared platform. View KPIs on Business Units and Individuals from out of the box or custom made dashboards and charts.

More than simply a ‘database’

Keep contact information up to date and add additional information via free text or pre-ordained drop down options. Categorise contacts by suppliers, customers and employees to find the right person quickly or use Sysco Healthcare’s Global Relevance Search to deep dive relationships between contacts, suppliers, documents, tasks, activities and more.

Track Tasks, Activities and Emails

Automatically store, track and ‘Set Regarding’ tasks, activities and emails from Outlook and Sysco Healthcare’s Business Relationship Management Platform. Since all information is coming from a single source of truth, staff receive a 360 view of all interactions.

Map internal business processes.

Sysco’s Healthcare platform goes beyond a database of records and data. Take for instance the on-boarding process of a supplier. That business process can be mapped into Sysco Healthcare meaning that every supplier has the same consistent, approval process. From Registration to Qualification through to Supplier Evaluation, Compliancy Checks and final sign off and approval.

Supplier On-boarding Process

Fast, comprehensive search results.

Search across contacts, deals, appointments, meeting notes, email messages and more.

Global Search Find all Data Quickly

Integrate with Microsoft Office 365 and Outlook

Office 365 Users can avail of full Sysco Healthcare Integration. View and Track Emails from within the web
based client and add, edit or request submissions from Outlook without having to move applications.

Integrate with Microsoft 365 and Outlook

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