What's in the Sysco Healthcare Brochure?

Sysco’s Healthcare platform is a digital transformation solution that unifies and provides a single view of various departments within a healthcare organisation. These departments are providing the ”behind the scenes”, infrastructural backbone that allows for the delivery of front-line health and social care services to those who need it.

In our Healthcare Brochure Download we look primarily at how a solution from Sysco Healthcare can provide a single view of Procurement, Customer Service and Human Resources that will allow a healthcare organisation or business unit to Capture, Manage and Report on the key performance indicators they need to make sometimes difficult strategic decisions – removing the need for guess work and keeping everyone on track.

Manage Business Units and Contacts
An overview of how Sysco Healthcare provides a single view of Suppliers, Customers and Employees and how we can provide process to any healthcare workflow.

Track Tasks and Activities
An overview of how Sysco Healthcare enables any department to track new and existing business suppliers; from acceptance and on-boarding through to procurement and subsequent monitoring of service delivery.

Monitor Business Unit Performance & KPIs
An overview of how Sysco Healthcare streamlines all interactions across your healthcare organisation from unique, role-tailored user dashboards.

Manage Service Cases
An overview of how Sysco Healthcare can be used to map case management workflows for any case type.

Paperless Document Management
An overview of how Sysco Healthcare can integrate paperless document management through both digital transformation and digital file cloud storage.

Provide Mobile Access
An overview of how Sysco Healthcare can be used from any location to access and track information with the security in place to restrict access to sensitive data.

Provide External Web Portals
An overview as to how Sysco Healthcare provides external Web Portals for suppliers and employees to access and record key information.

Integrate with Office 365
An overview of how Sysco Healthcare can integrate seamlessly with Microsoft Office 365 and Outlook.

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